On this page, we provide you with all the essentials that you need to know such as closest petrol station, banks and supermarkets.

The historic town of Iznajar has everything you need for your stay. It has supermarkets, banks, cafe & restaurants, hardware store/ferreteria, post office, pharmacy gym and even a hospital.

An ALGO petrol station is even closer to the very basics in a small shop.

The easiest and best way to access all these amenities in Iznajar is to turn left at the end of the drive and then right, take the road to the T Junction, go right and follow the road all the way to the A333. Turn left onto the A333  (you will see the petrol station across the road), pass the Olive factory, cross the first bridge and just before you reach the second bridge turn left and follow the road all the way to the top. There are several places you can park your car, and you are now less than 3 minutes walk from all the amenities and services not to mention the Historic Castille.



Casablanca is located in the Hamlet of Los Juncares. If you walk down to the main road in front of the house and turn right from the driveway…about two minutes up is the ‘centre’ of Los Juncares. There is a small public bar there that sells all the regular things a bar sells, as well as milk, water, bread, ice creams/ice blocks and other very basic household items. Go and say “hola” to a local.



Here I have highlighted a few services. You can see the Supermarket, Pharmacy, Post Office, Banks and Pharmacy are all on the same road. The Hospital is also located here.

Remember! Iznajar observes siesta so most things will be closed between 2pm-5pm. They tend to open around 9am/10am and re-close around 7pm/8pm.

The CAR PARK can be busy, but there is parking all the way from the gym to the Car Park. The Gym area also has a carpark.

The GYM is a very basic one but has all you need. The cost is about 2.20 Euros to use and observes Siesta times too.

Click on the map to have a closer look.



Casablanca has a huge American style fridge so you can stock up for 6 people with only a couple of trips to the Supermarket necessary for a weekly stay. The closest largest Supermarket is MERCADONA ¬†located in Rute…about 15 minutes away. It has everything you will need for a great stay!



The closest petrol Station to you is the Alga garage you would have passed on the way to Casablanca (about 5 minutes from the Villa).

The other closest petrol stations are the BP you would have passed on the road that leads down to Iznajar, or there are others on the way and at Rute.

Perhaps it would be best to combine grocery shopping and getting petrol on a trip to Rute, however, if it is just petrol ALGA is the closest.