Iznajar explodes in an array of colour as its starts its annual Balcony Festival

Iznájar City Council has provided than 2000 gypsy plants and geraniums, for free, to its neighbours with the only commitment, to look after them and make your balcony the most beautiful in Iznajar.

Take a stroll around the town and enjoy the colourful splendour!

KNITTING TOUR IZNAJAR returns from 8.4.2018

From the website

For the sixth consecutive year, Iznájar City Council and Guadalinfo are working on the next edition of “Urban Knitting Iznájar”, a project that since 2013 is organized in our town and that today has managed to position Iznájar on the national map of urban art in equality and creative and innovative citizen participation.

“Knitting Tour 2018”

The 2018 edition of the Urban Knitting Iznájar project has been proposed to recreate a day of tourism for our people. The tourist visit will be carried out by a group of 40 characters of different profiles knitted and crochet.


Following a singular line of work and differentiation from the rest of the Knitting community, this time we will seek to capture the current situation of our town, where tourism has become the second economic engine of the town after olive agriculture. Representing a tourist visit to Iznájar in the form of a crochet hook, the Knitting community pays homage to the tourist industry of the town and winks at the visitors who come daily and every weekend to this rural town in the ccentreof Andalusia.

Knitting Tour seeks to capture with the crochet the tourist boom Iznájar is living in recent years thanks to the work that has been done by administrations and companies for decades, and that is guaranteed by natural claims such as the reservoir and its olive groves, or cultural as its monuments , museums, cave-houses, traditions, parties, and the innumerable appointments around flowers, the book, its historic center, etc.

With this intention, the organization works another year to mobilize the citizens of Iznájar, its villages and scattered, and all the people who moved by this inspiring project are added each year arrivals from neighboring lands.

The presentation of the exhibition will take place on Sunday, April 8, and the place chosen for its long-term entry will be the Tres Cruces park.

This project has the support of the Hon. Diputación de Córdoba and various banking entities in the town.

Knitting Tour 2018 will be an edition different from the rest, in the sense that it will be differentiated in two parts: on the one hand it will have the day of the presentation / inauguration where all the works will be exhibited in the same space; and on the other hand, from that day, the characters will be located at the main tourist points of the town (viewpoints, monuments, museums, streets, squares, etc.) so we will seek with this change that shows Urban Knitting serve as an excuse for tourists to travel and know Iznájar hand in hand with this project and the street Knitting that will be delivered to visitors upon arrival at the Tourist Office or passing through rural houses, restaurants and shops.

The image for this edition has been designed by the artist Victoria Roldán Delgado.

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